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I knew that this year would be one of much change and challenge, but I never could have imagined that I would be embarking on this next journey at hand. At the beginning of this year, I set a goal for myself to go after my passions which have always been chasing after new adventures, loving and inspiring people, and investing in others lives.

I’ve worked as a manager at a salon for the last six years; I’ve loved working there 10389223_10152517922539084_6874390503099239666_nand it’s brought so much growth. Even though the salon felt like home, I knew that whatever I was going to pursue had to be worth sacrificing my comfort zone, work-family, freedom, and ability to make my own schedule. Sunclub is not your ordinary salon: the chain has been around for over 30 years! We had intense sales training, contests, and goals and quotas to meet that fostered my love for sales, management, and interacting with people. You would think we were selling houses, not just memberships and lotions! But while I loved my job and was so thankful for all the training I’d received there, I knew that I had grown as much as I could. It was my time to move forward. My husband has always referred to me as a bird that was ready to fly but refused to leave the nest, so this realization was a pretty big deal!

When I first began exploring opportunities outside the salon, I was offered an amazing opportunity to join a company in sales and marketing. After three long interviews and just before signing paperwork, I realized that this was not the opportunity for me. As great as the company was, I knew there was something else out there that I needed to pursue. That same week a complete stranger walked into my salon and told me she was a flight attendant. My heart just raced as I listened to her talk about how much she loved her job of the last six years. This is my passion! That was the feeling I wanted to have! I applied that night, sure that my application would get lost in the thousands of others, if it weren’t for this complete-stranger-turned-friend writing a wonderful reference for me. Days later, I was contacted to begin the hiring process! I passed an online test, then a phone interview, and was finally invited out to San Francisco for a face-to-face group interview. Ecstatic, I drove my happy butt out there (alone!) and stayed in a place worse than even the Hotel 6 (seriously, two men were outside my room yelling and drinking beer all evening), but, thankfully, I made it through the night!

The five-hour group interview was one of the most fun and intimidating experiences I have had in my life thus far, but it was worth it! It was hard trying to make your personality shine without being obnoxious or over-powering. That said, I left feeling pretty confident, and days later I received a phone call that I was officially invited to join the team. So, here I am now, about to pick up and move to San Fransisco for a very intense, extensive, month and a half long training program. Honestly, I never gave much thought to just how much goes into being a flight attendant, and there are so many misconceptions of what a flight attendants daily-life truly looks like. Afterall, on a daily basis you would think, all you do is serve some alcohol and peanuts to guests; and are you ever home? When do you sleep? I have come to realize that a flight attendant is not paid for what they do on a daily basis, but for what might happen on that aircraft and all the knowledge they have engrained in their mind and have been trained for, to keep guests safe as their utmost priority in the worst case of an emergency. (So, show them some love.)

aboutme4So, here I am, realizing that all my passions seemed to be wrapped up in a pretty,
flight attendant-shaped package. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing for the last five years, but never thought was a possibility, as my husband will always be my first priority. Being a flight attendant for the most  inspiring and innovative airline industry out there is going to be a huge lifestyle change that I have only dreamed about until now. I would love for you to join me on this new journey as I know I am about to embark on some interesting, exciting, and challenging paths.

I never knew it was possible to have so many conflicting feelings at once! I am over the moon with excitement of the unknown, but also scared to leave the comfort of my home and husband (all to possibly fail, as I already have over 200 terms to memorize) But, giving up is never an option and I hope to inspire that through my journey. I refuse to let the fear of failing keep me from pursuing my passions! Great things rarely come from comfort zones and all the things in life that matter require risk and vulnerability…


I appreciate your prayers, thoughts, and everything else as I begin this next chapter!

Welcome to Cheree &Mour. Fasten your seatbelt for take-off!

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