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These last few months have been nothing short of insane with much planning, studying, and mentally and emotionally preparing myself for all the craziness I have heard goes into this training. And just when I thought I had prepared myself and figured it all out, I was quickly reminded that I can make plans, but God will be the
one to direct my steps. This brought me right back to my knees in recognition that I can do nothing without Him. God is never early nor is He is ever one minute late; His timing is always perfect. There was no amount of preparation or research I could have done that could prevail against His perfect plan. The weeks leading up to this move were emotional and stressful ones, filled with both frustration and excitement. The day had arrived for me to leave and I was filled with butterflies not knowing what to expect when I arrived alone  to my temporary new home and host-family completely foreign to me.

I have always been comfortable being away from home, never one to get home sick, but something about this move felt very permanent and I was overcome with so much fear of being out of my comfort zone. I knew that even though I felt these very real feelings, it did not make them true and it would only be a matter of time before I would adjust. Upon arriving, I was greeted with open arms by the sweet couple whom I had never met, and they immediately made my emotional-self feel right at home as they welcomed me into their beautiful house right on the Bay. The house sat right on the water with the backyard looking as if it was taken straight from a postcard. I unpacked my bags and then sat on my new bed thinking, “Okay, what now?” I had studied and prepared so thoroughly these last few weeks, that I came to the realization that I had nothing to do and nowhere to go now. Well, my hosts ended up ordering some pizza and beer and we watched the NBA finals game and screamed at the TV and talked for a few hours all with the beauty of the sunset setting on the lake behind us.

The next morning I woke up early, anxious and excited for all I had been anticipating and preparing for. As I pulled up to the huge headquarters building I was nervous and overwhelmed with excitement of the unknown in store. The day was incredibly fun-filled, with meeting my fellow trainees and the welcoming staff as we learned more about this amazing company’s standards and overall vision. I fell in love with the
company I am working for just that much more. The first couple days were designed to be relaxing and fun, giving us opportunity to get to know each other before the intense training started later in the week. It was so special to meet my fellow flight attendant trainees who came from all over the world, putting their lives on hold to pursue their passions. We were all in the same place, overwhelmed yet excited for the future. There was such a thick and positive energy that filled the air, a true sense of camaraderie from every individual in the room.

As the day continued we were broken up into teams and sent into the city for an adventurous and exciting activity. (I wont ruin it for future FA’s) The night involved a welcoming social where we were welcomed into the headquarters building and staff from every department greeted us with dinner and drinks to officially welcome us to the team! It was truly surreal to be sitting right over the Bay watching airplanes fly right above us, and feeling so part of a team on only day one. The day was incredible and exhausting, and I can only choose to be grateful and laugh at the fact that I will be able to experience it all over again in just four weeks. That’s right..! Very quickly I was reminded that rarely the plan you start out with is the final plan that comes to fruition; you will most likely always hit some disappointing obstacles along the way.

As I was sitting with my new co-workers, it was brought to my attention, the passport I had traveled on for the last few years still had my maiden name on it and for obvious reasons needed to be updated to match my legal name. I was told with much sadness that I was going to have to come back the beginning of July to continue training, as this passport will take some time to process. As you can imagine this was devastating to me. After all the preparation and emotional rollercoaster of getting myself to this point, I felt as if I was losing it all because of mere paperwork mishaps. However, I completely understood and told them I could not wait to be back in July. I cannot really explain what I felt in that moment, it almost felt like I had failed at what I had come here to do; I knew in my head that this was not truth, this was not a reflection of me or my competency, this was simply a bump in the road. However, it felt as though everything I wanted and prepared myself for I had finally received that day and it was being taken out of my hands instantly and there was not a thing I could do in that moment to change it.
I knew that nothing about this process was going to be easy, but I never could have imagined that this would happen; it completely blind-sided me. I will leave the repacking my things and long 6-hour drive back to LA alone that night up to your
imagination. Well, it took me not even 24 hours to gain proper perspective. I had my husband there to greet my emotionally spent self when I arrived home that night and I slept harder than I have in a long time. The next morning I went down to LA and got my new passport expedited with my name-change and will be off and running, or should I say up and flying, in just 4 short weeks back to San Francisco to pick up where I left off.

It has been quite the emotionally taxing process, and I can’t figure out why it had to be this difficult, but what I do know, is that God has His reasons for everything He does, and this little bump-in-the-road did not take Him by surprise. He planned it for some reason and I am choosing to rest in that. I also realize that this will not be the only obstacle I come across in this journey; this is only the first of many and the important thing is to never lose faith, and to always trust the process. The purpose always exceeds the pain. When we face obstacles we have a choice to walk away from them and give-up or look them dead in the eye and overcome them. Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got one flat.

It’s a hard reality knowing I will be a few weeks behind, and it’s easy to fall into thinking that I wasted my energy and emotion on these last few months. But, if you can’t change a situation, then change the way you think about it! In the grand scheme of things, four weeks will have made no difference to my career; but God is obviously
using these four weeks to make a huge difference in me. I am so grateful to have met
the people I did in my training, with weeks of tedious planning together prior to meeting in person. It is amazing the sense of “new family” I had already experienced in spending only one day with these complete strangers. I am grateful that I will have an idea of what I will feel when I arrive to my new home again, and that I will have new friends to give me plenty of useful advice on how to pass this training. I have a month more to study my material to ace my first test, (which I will) and most of all I am grateful that I have that much more time to spend with my husband and family down here in LA.

My intention for this blog is to be lighthearted and spontaneous, not heavy. But the spirit of adventure is accompanied by trial sometimes, and I believe it’s important to be honest in those struggles. I promised myself that if I was going to write about my journey, I would write not only about the light and fluffy times, but I would be realistic, raw, and relatable. It is so much easier to not be vulnerable and to keep the conflicts to yourself, which I am quite good at. However, what good is that to anyone else? So, I hope that sharing even the pitfalls in my journey and trial can encourage you. It’s okay when things don’t go smoothly and disappointment hits, what’s important is that you never give up, you just pursue that much harder. Do not let the obstacles keep you down, get back up, stand tall, and keep fighting! Success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up, with goals so strong that obstacles, failure, and loss only act as motivation. When you go for something, don’t come back until you get it; you will always hit obstacles on the way to success.

As the great Henry Ford once said, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that an airplane takes off against the wind not with it.” So, cheers to a spontaneous life that rolls with the punches and manages to laugh in the midst of tears in the face of obstacles!

Stay seated, despite minor delays; with the estimated departure time of just 4 short weeks, this girl will be taking off the LA runway once more into the friendly blue skies!

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