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72 Hours In Lake Arrowhead

I find myself so often taking for granted living in the beautiful SoCal. Everything is at our fingertips, with the beach at our doorstep, endless coffee shops and food options, and the mountains only a short hike away. I honestly can’t classify myself as more of a “city” or “nature girl.” I would like to think I am a city girl at heart, mostly because of the endless options of activities that the city provides. But there is just something about God’s green earth that is so restful to the soul. Lake Arrowhead is one of those timeless places that never ceases to provide just the right amount of refreshment. Whether it’s just a day trip or a weekend getaway it never seems to disappoint. This particular trip could not have been more timely, although maybe it was the tons of amazing women I spent it with that made Arrowhead just that much sweeter. I was surprised by being sponsored by a sweet friend to attend our church’s women’s retreat last-minute and in the midst of craziness wasn’t sure if it was good timing to go away, but my spontaneous spirit got the best of me, and I am so glad it did. Here are some of the highlights of my 72-hour trip in Lake Arrowhead.

You know I had to find a cute coffee shop with some good vibes. The Tea Coffee Exchange is a little gem tucked away in the towns village. If you stop by, do yourself a favor and get their dirty chai. It was perfect on the surprisingly humid afternoon. Oh and grab that nutella crepe to pair with your coffee, because we all know crepes are the most amazing God-given dessert around. 

Last year some friends and I had the bright idea to jump into the lake fully clothed to take a nice swim-we just couldn’t resist. We quickly realized this might have not been the best decision we had made when we were pulled out by a security officer and almost fined. To our surprise this lake is private property owned by residents. So this year I resisted my fish instincts and just dipped my toes in.

As we were enjoying a casual walk to catch some fresh air, my friend Dawson and I stumbled upon- what we thought would be a relatively easy trail. So we decided to see where it led, in casual sandals and loafers…! I will definitely be doing this hike again, hopefully next time with more appropriate attire.

Lake Arrowhead, you took my breath away (literally and figuratively) you’re beautiful!  Until next time my green friend..

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