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In the Mohsini household we take days off very seriously. Well, I do anyway; if Farid had it his way we would probably stay home most the time. So, I am thankful to have a husband that meets me half way…classic extrovert/introvert marital differences. Having a husband that works weekends can have it’s positives, one being that there are almost zero crowds when we go out on our days off during the week. (Right up his alley.) This particular “weekend” he surprised me with a day out on the water in Newport Beach. We rented a fairly inexpensive 4-seater boat for a few hours and just enjoyed a day cruising along the water! It was definitely a day for the books.

When summer hits, it hits hard! I am always surprised by just how quickly temperatures seem to drop with a short drive from South LA County into the beaches of Orange County. But, not today! The sun was most definitely on it’s A game; my instant sunburn can prove it.

Newport Beach Boat Rentals offers some amazing deals on all sorts of boat options and I have spotted them on groupon a number of times. I would highly recommend them! Wonderful service and no reservations necessary, although we did go on a Tuesday.

This is a simple and lovely afternoon or sunset date night option with friends or a significant other. If you go, please do let me know how you love it!

On another note, Farid asked me if I had the option to live in the sea or the sky, which would I choose? As much as I love the ocean, I chose the sky, unless being a mermaid was an option, but… The sky seems like the safer option, and the thought of flying… I mean, come on! Easy choice. In his fact-driven mind, he claims statistically most extroverts choose the sky and introverts the sea. As to where he acquired this profound fact, I am unsure. Which would you choose, to swim or to soar?

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