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You can’t outwit fate by standing on the sidelines placing little side bets about the outcome of life… if you don’t play you can’t win. -Judith mcnaught

Week two, we’re pushing through! We’re almost half way done! This week was a pretty intense one; the volume was definitely turned up. We learned so many new things but focused especially on the Federal Aviation Administration’s policies and procedures, as well as how our company even exceeds those guidelines. We practiced by role-playing our normal daily operations of before, during, and after each flight countless times. It has been a ton of information to remember but also a lot of fun, repetition is key until it becomes muscle memory.


We had two tests, one on Wednesday pertaining to aircraft familiarization and one Friday about routine flight duties, policies and procedures. This weekend is full of nothing but drilling every item of safety equipment and operation of each one into our heads for another crucial test Monday. It is a little daunting, but like I said before I am shocked at how much information my brain can attain in such a fast-paced short amount of time. We lost a couple people this week, which is always a very sobering realization and reminder to continue keeping my head and heart in the game 100% and to not let up.

Overall, it was a very fun and exciting week, but I am mostly just exhausted. I really think my body has gotten used to running off four to five hours of sleep every night. I counted up the hours that a few of us girls spent studying last weekend for our test and came to the conclusion that we put in at least 18 hours for that one test alone. However, we have also been killing it on each test, so I have no regrets spending my weekends doing just that!

Friday we watched a short clip of the devastating plane crash, flight #173 on United Airlines. It was a pretty chilling video, and if anything just reminded me personally why proper training is so necessary in order to drill precautions in your head to try and avoid human error accidents. As overwhelming as all the information is, watching a video like that reminds me of why every detail of learning these things is so crucial. I am so thankful for a company that sets you up for success to thrive and do well, instead of just throwing anyone out on the line without the proper training and knowledge. We have the best instructors who have so much experience and are equipping us and setting us up for success.

Highlight of my week would have to be visiting SFO airport and hanging out in the aircraft getting familiar with all of it’s features. Oh yeah, and chillin in the flight deck! No big deal. It was an exhausting week spent in class every day and at least 5 hours every night studying, but we had the hardest laughs on those late night study sessions! (Probably delusional ones) I feel like I have known these people so much longer than two weeks, cliché I know. We do spend 14 hours a day together which is probably why. I am so thankful to have that support system and it has been so vital to our success so far!


I was pretty disappointed when leaving my last class a month back, but just as I expected, the people in this class are just as amazing. Not only that, but I get to have my friend Katia from my last class as a roommate… we made sure that happened! It has been the most helpful thing, the best of both worlds.

So week two, we made it through! Week three, you’re up! Xx

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