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I am half way there! These last three weeks have been nothing short of INTENSE! However, this last week for sure takes the cake of the most emotionally and physically taxing one yet, also known as “hell week.” If there was ever a time I started to doubt if I was going to be able to pass a test, it was this week. We had two intense tests, both on emergency and safety related topics. We watched quite a few videos of plane crashes (cover your eyes mom) and learned about every emergency procedure that could take place and how to handle each of them. We learned and memorized every item of emergency equipment we have on each aircraft and learned where it was located on each plane, how to pre-flight it, and the operation of it. After accomplishing this test we had about an hour of sweet relief until hearing our emergency evacuation command drills that we had to perform verbatim and act out. I really didn’t know how I was going to memorize all these in three days. But, thanks to my amazing instructors and studious co-workers, we accomplished the task. This meant turning hotel rooms into aircrafts and lots of repetative role-playing and shouting; our poor neighbors. BUT our hard work paid off and we all passed! The feeling of passing that test on Friday was the best feeling I have had in a long time! I was so proud of my whole class, and myself we just buckled down and handled it…even if it meant running on five hours of sleep each night. This week felt like such a huge milestone for each of us!


We also visited our training center and learned how to put out fire and operate our evacuation slide. We each slid down the slide, which to my surprise was a lot higher than it looked. We had a lot of laughs within the midst of the craziness.




The absolute biggest highlight of my week was finding out where I was going to be based. We were the first class in months that actually had the opportunity to request where we wanted to be based because the company is growing so rapidly. Well, I got LAX! The last class I was originally in were all automatically based in San Francisco. I was so disappointed and could not understand why I had to wait until this class. I also could not seem to wrap my mind around why I had to actually spend two days in that last class when I felt like I could have avoided it all. But, because I was in that last class I was able to keep my “seniority number” which gave me a higher priority of where I would like to be based. So, when I requested where I wanted to be based, and because LA was now available I was given top priority and was one of the three chosen for LAX. In that moment it all made sense and I cannot be more excited and thankful to God, He always proves to show Himself faithful even when I doubt.

I am so excited that I am halfway done, I am missing my home, family, and friends. I am especially missing my husband; tomorrow makes our three-year anniversary and it isn’t ideal that I am here, but I know we will be able to celebrate later! I am so grateful to have met some of the most amazing people through this process so far who have made being away from home more bearable. It has been such an adventure and this is only the beginning!



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