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When describing training to us at the beginning of these six weeks it was put best when said, “this training is going to be a roller coaster.” I have found this to be the truest statement in so many different senses. One day we’re watching airplane crashes and learning how to evacuate an aircraft, and the next week we’re learning how to serve our first class guests a cocktail and set their tray up for a fine dining experience. You wear so many different hats as a flight attendant and carry so many different roles; it’s part of what makes it so magical I think!


This week we learned about our service from start to finish in specific detail, while getting to taste our amazing specialty first class meals and snacks…my favorite part of course. We were then separated into pairings to take our first “service flight” to different destinations to shadow and be thrown out on the line to put all our service knowledge to use. I personally got a trip to Dallas. I had the most amazing crews throughout all my flights and we seriously had a blast. We only had a fourteen hour layover in Dallas but of course that did not stop us from going out and exploring the streets of Dallas for a little while with our amazing ATS (Air Transportation Supervisor.)


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My amazing husband drove all the way up to San Francisco just to take me out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary on Tuesday, and I had to continuously remind myself to just take a break from all the books and just enjoy the moment. It was a struggle to shut my mind off for a night from all the stress, but it was so worth it and was so special! I was on reserve the next morning so we got to go out to breakfast as well. It was exactly what we both needed half way through this crazy journey.


We also celebrated our 8th birthday of being a company! If anyone knows how to throw a party, we do! It was absolutely over the top amazing just as it should be! The party was an aloha theme to celebrate our upcoming new flights to Hawaii! There was Hawaiin food and drinks, an amazing band and dancers on stage, a mechanical shark in place of the standard bull, (appropraite to our theme of course) a zip-line, and amazing people who filled the place! It’s a pretty awesome thing to be able to be so proud to say who you work for.

And just like that we’re on week five! I am reminding myself constantly to finish strong and continue to do my absolute best. We have only two more weeks until I will be FAA certified in full uniform and will have finally earned my wings and be ready to fly!

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