The only way to go is up…

I am still in shock that we are coming to the end of the road here in training. Our training got extended to six weeks so I can’t help but not feel the sweet relief of accomplishment until I am completely graduated and back home. 
The week was spent learning all about safety and self-defense; we had Federal Air Marshals come in and teach us and we had so much fun and really learned so much. We took our final Friday and graduate Wednesday! Unbelievable. It’s been magical and also one of the biggest roller coasters I have ever gone through mentally and emotionally. I am so proud of myself and know that I gave it my all, because looking back there is not one thing I would have done differently. That’s how I know I really wanted it. We have lost a few classmates and it never gets easier. Strangers that become friends and friends that become family… I believe as a group we have been able to get through this because of each other and the countless hours we spent every day in class, after class and even kissing our weekends goodbye because they were spent studying. I am so thankful that I can finally say I graduate Wednesday and will have finally earned my wings! I am beyond excited to see my family and friends. Our real “final test” is something called an IOE after graduation, which is your first real flight in uniform and certified putting all your training to practice for the very first time with an Air Transportation Supervisor. I can’t wait! I am also exhausted, it’s been hard to keep up with anyone back home and all things social media! But, in only a week from today I’ll be home and able to say that I earned my wings and will be soaring off! Xx