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This week after being on reserve for my first five-day week, Farid and I decided to take advantage of our two-day weekend and explore a city we haven’t been to together. We decided Monday night that Seattle was the lucky winner.

We dragged our happy butt’s out of bed at 5 am. to get to the airport and see if we could catch a flight on standby. We arrived in Seattle by 10:30 in the morning and had the rest of the day to explore the wonderful rainy city. I was impressed by how easy we were able to get into the city; you can take the Light Rail for only $3 from the airport right downtown by only a 30 minute train ride. We were able to get into the city and back to the airport to catch our 5:40 pm. flight without any headache.

I usually try to explore the true culture of a city by going where the locals go a little further from the main city, but we felt like being proper tourist in a city we had yet to explore together. Plus, how can you resist Pike’s Place Markets’ amazing flowers.


We spent the day walking around and eating way too much food. It started to rain pretty hard which was just magical; surprisingly this SoCal girl loves the rain more than the sun! We have been deprived of rain for a while, so it was extra special.


Highlights from Seattle include the wonderful greenery you get to see coming into the city. I forget how much I miss nature until it’s right in front of my eyes and my heart leaps with excitement. Next time I come I definietly want to go on a hike to explore the beautiful nature that seems to make Seattle so delightful!


The food down at Pike’s Place…Oh my gosh, no words. I would say the best reccomendation I have is to skip out on the sit down restaurants and grab all the goodies that are lined up on the main street. We had one of the best gyro’s I have ever had at a place called Mr. D’s Greek Delicacies, and I have had my fair share of gyro’s in New York and Dubai, but these were incredible. We tried a little of everything, after all isn’t that the main point of exploring? Maybe not, but I am a big foodie. Farid then saw, or better yet smelt a familiar Russian Pastry that he grew up eating, so we had to stop there for dessert, the line out the door confirmed this was a good decision. We grabbed the infamous Apple Cinnamon Pasty and of course the meat pastry for him at Piroshky Piroshky Bakery. I love traveling with Farid because he makes me try things I would not normally be apt to, and wow, they were worth the hype. Lastly, we were reccomended by a friend to try some wonderful crepe’s, so with no room in our stomache’s we grabbed a nutella, banana, and almond crepe from Crepe de France for the road.

Before leaving I had to buy some of the beautiful flowers to take home. They were the most breathtaking flower assortments I have ever seen, which are now decorating my coffee table at home. You can combine any assortment you like and it was only $5.00!

Altogether, I would say that Seattle was exactly what I thought and more and I cannot wait to come back and explore more…and eat more!

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