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Being on a “reserve schedule” has its ups and downs, this is something I plan to go in greater depth about in a later post. To give a brief overview, a flight attendant on “reserve” simply means you know your days off but don’t always know your days on. Basically I belong to the airport for a twelve-hour window on the days I am scheduled; and this will go on until I get something called “a line,” which happens when I gain some seniority on my belt…something every flight attendant finds more worthy than gold.


The upside to reserve life is the spontaneity it provides of never knowing where I am going to go until the morning of being called. To some people this sounds miserable, to others, like myself, this sounds adventurous. This past weekend in particular I had my whole family in town for my dear cousins wedding. I was praying I would not be called in on Saturday so I could make it to the wedding. Lucky for me, I was indeed called in on Friday afternoon for my very first red-eye flight to Newark, New Jersey for a three-day trip leaving me to miss every family function that took place over those three days. You can imagine my disappointment as I got ready to be at the airport in four hours. With that said, despite my sadness I decided to accept that this is all apart of the job. You have to pay your dues in order to make your own schedule one day, and I decided to make it a great trip. Afterall, I haven’t seen the big city in four years… and a great trip it was!


We took the train into the city from NJ and I thought I would be left alone to explore but to my surprise my friend was flying into JFK for a 27 hour layover so we were able to explore together. I also have some friends who live in the city who met up with us for the day and altogether we had a fabulous day eating the best pizza and walking through the town.


I dragged my local friends to Times Square, every true New Yorker truly despises this place, and I can see why with the crazy crowds; but of course you have to see it while in New York! We then went to Central Park which was just charming!

I came across one of my local favs that we actually have right here in my hometown La Mirada, who would have thought? Caffe Bene is a cute coffee shop that I would highly recommend hanging out for the good vibes and amazing dirty chai latte.



What are some of your favorite places in the Big City?

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