“In our stillness, we acknowledge God’s greatness and we are at peace in our life. Stillness saturates us in the Presence of God.” – E’yen A. Gardner

“There are seasons when to be still demands immeasurably higher strength than to act.” – Margaret Bottome

I have come to realize that I am a person of extreme habits, in most everything I do. This tends to leak itself into many areas of my life. For example, I love to work out, but if I do not eat healthy, wake up early, and have the house spotless, my life feels out of order and I find myself discouraged from tackling anything.

This is especially challenging with the huge lifestyle adjustment such as flying for a living. My life six months ago looks nothing like it does today. This past week I was in 10 different cities, 4 time zones, and more planes than I will even try to count, all within 7 days. Without some sort of consistency this can make for mental and physical exhaustion real quick. At one point I woke up in New York, which is six hours ahead of Hawaiian time where I was days prior, and I found my eyes so heavy I could barely lift them open.

Being on a “reserve schedule” makes it near impossible to have any consistency. Well, better said, you must be active in creating your own consistency. As I mulled over how much my life has changed in these past few months I realized that I have worked every weekend for two months and was gone for six weeks prior for training. This has taken away my Sunday’s at church, my community group on Wednesday nights, and a lot of my social life. Habits of eating a home cooked meal and exercising at my own gym are scarce. All of these factors can quickly take a toll on your quality of life. I miss being actively involved in my church every week, and the community group that my husband and I lead weekly for over two years, I miss my personal time that I was able to spend every morning with Jesus and listening to a sermon on a long car ride. I find myself now constantly trying to play catch-up on my “to do list” of life, errands, and social calendar.

Now before you hop on the pity train for me, let me just say, this is all apart of the magic! I absolutely love waking up in a new city every day and having the opportunity to explore, I love the fact that I can just go down to the airport right now and any place in the world is at my fingertips and only a plane ride away. However, I am quickly realizing that as spontaneous of a person as I am, I need to create some sort of consistency for myself in this anything but consistent career.

But, where to start? With so much to tackle I can find myself overwhelmed by it all, and easily allow myself to do nothing. I am sure that I am not the only person that tries to take on far too much at once. It’s almost as if we’re wired as humans to believe we can change everything over night. But, when we try to do everything, we end up accomplishing nothing. We need to remember to be patient with ourselves, take one step at a time; it’s all about the process. This is what life is, adjusting your daily routines according to the season you’re placed in.

So, I am in the process of creating my own consistency for this present season, and trying to play the game of balance. Instead of trying to tackle all of these things at once that have drastically changed in the past six months, I want to start my day with setting three goals for myself. I love journaling; I used to go through a minimum of three notebooks a year. Although time just does not permit me to write as much as I used to, I want to introduce the habit of personal time every morning again. Imagine doing that in a new hotel and time zone everyday? Yeah, it’s not an effortless task, that is for certain, but it brings familiarity when you make personal time and create a space for you to flourish in what brings you joy. And sometimes seasons of life just don’t provide that sort of consistency for you; you have to create it for yourself. This past weekend I was able to spend time with the people I love most, I was able to lay on my couch, light an amber-fall candle, drink my homemade coffee, and catch up on some therapeutic writing using this blog as my creative outlet. I love this familiar routine just as much as I love exploring a new city for the first time.


So, here’s to relearning how to do the daily, and to re-exploring all the things I love–What are some of your favorite activities, habits, and routines that bring you joy in this life and keep you steady?

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