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“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.” -Simone de Beauvoir

Oh New York, what is it about you that is so enchanting? Maybe it’s your ability to never need sleep or your constant reliable pizza I can count on every corner I turn to look. You seem to offer just the right amount of everything for anyone in most all things you do. How do you do it?

New York seems to be one of my most frequent routes I find myself traveling through these days and I never find myself growing tired of this extraordinary city. I guess similar to Los Angeles there is just so much culture rooted in the city and you never find yourself spiritless when walking the streets. In the last week alone I have stopped through New York twice and have been able to take in the mesmerizing city lights.

There is just something about exploring a city after the sun goes down. This particular trip my friend Christine and I walked around central park and took in the stillness before creating a memorable night downtown in the Meatpacking District.

My heart burns for the city lights.

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