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This week was a wild one; full of lots of cities, whimsical spontaneity, sensational food, the best bonding friend time, and the most glorious colors I have laid my eyes on. I kept seeing countless photos of breathtaking leaves that seemed relentless in calling my name. I knew that it was fall or never to see them, so I decided that I just had to get my Southern Californian self out to the east coast to experience them before the monstrous weather comes and powders them all in white. I ended a three-day trip in San Fransisco and last minute decided to ask my best friend to come with me to Boston for a two-day trip to see the beauty. She of course was game, even if it meant her taking a red-eye from Los Angeles while I took one from San Francisco. Well, it ended up being one of the greatest short trips either of us have taken and was totally worth the six cups of coffee during the day and lack of sleep we endured. But hey, all in the name of adventure right?

We both landed in Boston at 6 am. where my husband was able to pick us up from the airport as he was out there for work. We started off the morning a little distance from downtown in a city called Attleboro to try the infamous-on-yelp diner The Breakfast Place. It is the cutest little restaurant tucked away in a Massachusetts suburban neighborhood. They had amazing customer service, the fluffiest pancakes and..oh my goodness let your taste buds experience the wonderful french toast.


We spent a few hours walking around the popular Newbury street, which offers a ton of shopping, food, and of course splendid coffee. We breathed in the fresh air, sipped on mochas, and munched on some perfectly baked macaroons at the quaint Thinking Cup.

IMG_3261 IMG_3281_2

It is impossible to cover nightlife options that Boston offers in just one sitting. We ended up in a great pool bar called The Beantown Pub where we played a few games of pool and just enjoyed being altogether. This is found downtown in the Financial District. I would also recommend spending some time in The Government Center where you will have endless options of places to spend a fun night out. I particularly love The Purple Shamrock.



Before catching our 5 pm. flight home we wanted to get away from city life, run through colorful trees, and sip on some sweet apple cider. We landed upon one of the most gorgeous orchards called Brooksby Farm with colors so astonishing we had to pull over every few miles to get out and just stare in absolute memorization. We picked apples, put our noses in freshly baked monkey bread, and walked through the orchards while drinking hot cider.


IMG_3391_2 IMG_3373_2


As you may know Boston is famous for their lobster. I am not even a seafood lover, but the Barking Crab located in the Financial District just might have forcefully changed my mind with their amazing food selection.

IMG_3476_2 IMG_3433_2

Everything about this short trip was exactly what we envisioned it to be. It is still a bit surreal to me that I have this amazing opportunity to see a place I want to go and just hop on a plane to explore it. This week I felt incredibly blessed, despite my minor exhaustion, to be able to do my daydream for a living. When I think about exploring a new place my heart races with the thrilling desire to just go. So Boston, thank you for being exactly who you are, don’t ever change. I will be seeing you soon.