About Me

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” – St. Augustine 

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by Cheree & ‘mour! I created this blog as a way to document life and create. It is a space to ruminate, contemplate, and meditate on the things that make life beautiful; it is essentially just a space to have a creative outlet for myself. I have always enjoyed photo albums and scrapbooks. (Nostalgic one here) I love having a place to post random thoughts, reflect on my blessings, and document all the things in life that I will want to remember. Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Without a doubt, I would say exploring is my biggest hobby. I love any adventure that is exciting and new, or even falling in love again with familiar places I’ve already created memories at. My first plane ride was a trip to NYC at the age of 19, with my husband by my side holding my hand, followed by a 17-hour flight to his home country Dubai, UAE. I remember just being absolutely mesmerized like a small child by the airplane, being above the ground, and seeing the big white clouds under me. From there I was bit by the travel bug. I had the opportunity to live in Mallorca, Spain for a few months, and eventually pursued my passion as a flight attendant.

I am a firm believer in collecting moments, not things. At the end of this life, possessions will mean little in comparison to the memories made with the people you cherish. I am inspired by every new culture I experience, or even simply sitting down drinking a latte at a local coffee shop. My goal for this blog is to inspire people to make the most of their daily lives while living it up with whoever they have beside them. You don’t need all the money in your pocket to make it happen; when you want something bad enough, you make it happen, because you realize you are not truly fulfilled without it. I hope that this blog not only gives you creative ideas to keep your adventurous spirit alive but also to never limit yourself to what only your eyes can see.

Photo Credit: Joshua David Photography


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